April 22 - 29, 2021 | Virtual Conferene 2021

The Lake

World Dance Alliance Americas (WDAA)
The Lake

Time & Location

April 22 - 29, 2021
Virtual Conferene 2021

About the Event

For the last twelve months, I’ve been taking advantage of my own isolation and the lack of live performance opportunities due to COVID-19 to experiment with a new movement vocabulary in front of a locked-off camera in my apartment. 

The idea for this dance film has been sparked by our relationship with nature and more specifically our body’s resemblance to other natural organisms such as algae, corals, water, and waves. I was surprised by the similarities I found when looking at body parts, especially our hands, from a different point of view. 

The Lake explores the body’s re-integration into the natural habitat of water by featuring a dancer who is a swimmer and at the same time the lake she swims in. Her hands, transformed into colorful algae, provide the environment she needs. The proposition that we are, in fact, nature surfaces as we watch the swimmer emerge and dive, appear and disappear into the effervescent depth of the lake.

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