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Angela Blumberg —Dance

Established in 2013, Angela Blumberg Dance is a charitable non-profit organization led by Angela Blumberg. After completing her MFA in choreography and dramaturgy at York University, Angela founded her own dance company and has since choreographed and produced over 20 works. Her choreographies have been presented by Fall for Dance North’s International Presenters Program, Canada’s National Arts Centre, The University of Toronto’s Annual New Music Festival, The World Dance Alliance Americas, dance: made in canada, DanceWorks CoWorks, and Ryerson’s Spring Showcase, Michigan’s Screen Dance International Film Festival, and Canadian Brass.


In 2012, Angela began collaborating closely with Canadian composers. Highlights include Composing for Dance, an accredited course at the University of Toronto's Composition Department designed and facilitated by Angela Blumberg and Professor Norbert Palej. The course brought together graduate composition students and professional choreographers to engage in collaborative practices. Numerous collaborations with some of Toronto's finest up and coming composers followed, including a close partnership with Quinn Jacobs' experimental music theatre company Din of Shadows.


In addition to her artistic work, Angela is passionate about education and has taught contemporary dance at Canada’s National Ballet School and Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson). She is also the founder of DaCo: Dance Collaboration Lab, a project that fosters choreographic practices and interdisciplinary collaborations.


ABD inspires by providing innovative, entertaining and quality performances to the public.


ABD educates and fosters collaborative practices between choreographers and composers.



ABD engages through workshops to foster learning and appreciation for contemporary Dance.

What´s happening

  • DaCo 2023
    DaCo 2023
    September 2, 2023
    September 2, 2023
    Pia Bouman School, 225 Sterling Rd unit 103, Toronto, ON M6R 2B2, Canada
    September 2, 2023
    Pia Bouman School, 225 Sterling Rd unit 103, Toronto, ON M6R 2B2, Canada
    DaCo is an educational and performance-oriented program developed by Angela Blumberg Dance (ABD). The program supports choreographic practices by providing emerging choreographers with resources and tools to deepen their research.


What people say

In “Shadow,” the protagonist’s uneasy truce with her inner-other breaks down in an art gallery. They argue. It’s visceral, but in typically playful fashion, Blumberg presents a dynamic that is as funny as it is urgent. Here that familiar struggle —conscious/unconscious, you/you — falls into a feedback loop that oscillates between tragedy and comedy. The pitch she finds is both jolting and tender. 

-Mark Mann, journalist, 2014

Angela Blumberg—Dance


c/o Angela Blumberg

1 Massey Square, Unit 717

Toronto, ON M4C 5L4 ​

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