Angela Blumberg Dance (ABD)

Artistic Director/Choreographer/Dancer/ Founder of ABD

ABD was created in 2019 to facilitate collaborations between contemporary dance and Canadian Music. In 2012, Angela began collaborating closely with Canadian composers. 

Accomplishments include "Composing for Dance", an accredited course at the University of Toronto's Composition Department facilitated by Angela Blumberg and Professor Norbert Palej. Numerous collaborations with some of Toronto's finest up and coming composers including Matthias McIntire, Cecilia Livingstone, and Julia Mermelstein followed. 

A close partnership with Quinn Jacobs' experimental music theatre company Din of Shadows was established in 2017, and in 2019, Angela worked with notable filmmaker Barabra Willis-Sweete on her epic multi-media project "Schafer's Labyrinth", which pays tribute to Canada's iconic composer R. Murray Schafer. Joining forces with Toronto's contemporary music scene has become a recurring theme in Angela's work.

ABD is committed to delivering high-quality performances that make a valuable contribution to the Canadian landscape of contemporary dance, music, and hybrid art.


"In one stunning moment, Crossman lifts Blumberg, her legs tucked, and time dilates as her toes tentatively trace their way to meet the ground."

-Erin Joelle McCurdy, The Dance Current 2020

“If ballets are the “operas” of the dance world, then German-Canadian choreographer and dancer Angela Blumberg’s choreographies are fine chamber works. While ballets use vibrant sets to lock in a narrative and tell a story, Blumberg’s dance pieces inhabit a realm of poised abstraction, using minimal props and sets.”

-Tyler Verluis, ludwig van Toronto, 2016 

“This show is a success. Blumberg’s choreography does a superb job of illustrating the idea of evolution, of transitioning from one kind of being to another. This choreography was implemented successfully by the show’s dancers, both of whom demonstrated an amazing mastery of their bodies in the motion of the dance.”

-Randy McDonald, Mooney on Theatre, 2016


"The performance shows so much work and thought behind it. The attention to detail, the resources used to keep the interest of the viewer. It was so captivating! Amazing to experience something like this." 

- response to ABD at #CanadaPerforms, 2020

Our Dance Comunity needs more work like this."

- response to ABD at #CanadaPerforms, 2020

website photo credit: Marlowe Porter - featuring Angela Blumberg and Sydney Levitt