Angela Blumberg Dance (ABD)

Artistic Director/Choreographer/Dancer/ Founder of ABD

From a very young age, I knew that nothing is what it seems to be. I could see peoples’ masks and defences and yearned to know what’s behind them.  I became fascinated by the tension between outer and inner surfaces, the ‘illusion’ we present to the world and the ‘reality’ behind it. My vision of Dance is a continuation of my lifelong search for identity and emotional freedom.

ABD educates and fosters collaborative practices between composers and choreographers.

It inspires by providing innovative, entertaining and quality performances to the public.

ABD engages through workshops to foster learning and appreciation for contemporary Dance.


"In one stunning moment, Crossman lifts Blumberg, her legs tucked, and time dilates as her toes tentatively trace their way to meet the ground."

-Erin Joelle McCurdy, The Dance Current 2020

“If ballets are the “operas” of the dance world, then German-Canadian choreographer and dancer Angela Blumberg’s choreographies are fine chamber works. While ballets use vibrant sets to lock in a narrative and tell a story, Blumberg’s dance pieces inhabit a realm of poised abstraction, using minimal props and sets.”

-Tyler Verluis, ludwig van Toronto, 2016 

“This show is a success. Blumberg’s choreography does a superb job of illustrating the idea of evolution, of transitioning from one kind of being to another. This choreography was implemented successfully by the show’s dancers, both of whom demonstrated an amazing mastery of their bodies in the motion of the dance.”

-Randy McDonald, Mooney on Theatre, 2016

In “Shadow,” the protagonist’s uneasy truce with her inner-other breaks down in an art gallery. They argue. It’s visceral, but in typically playful fashion, Blumberg presents a dynamic that is as funny as it is urgent. Here that familiar struggle — conscious/unconscious, you/you — falls into a feedback loop that oscillates between tragedy and comedy. The pitch she finds is both jolting and tender. 

-Mark Mann, journalist, 2014


"The performance shows so much work and thought behind it. The attention to detail, the resources used to keep the interest of the viewer. It was so captivating! Amazing to experience something like this." 

- response to ABD at #CanadaPerforms, 2020

Our Dance Comunity needs more work like this."

- response to ABD at #CanadaPerforms, 2020

"Thank you for sharing your dance film. I really enjoyed your strong and intense performance, the drama, the music. You have such a creative mind and dance vocabulary." 

- response to Masked Pandemic

website photo credit: Marlowe Porter - featuring Angela Blumberg and Sydney Levitt